Discovery Boxes

The Discovery Boxes are packed full of handling objects and case studies for you to use in the classroom, for only £15 a week, £60 per half term or £120 for a full term.

Containing original and replica artefacts and teacher notes (which you can also download below), they offer effective teaching resources on a number of curriculum subjects.

“The use of the artefacts was a great success and the children thoroughly enjoyed examining and exploring the artefacts, discovering what they were used for and how they compared to objects today. The artefacts helped to aid to the children learning experience, encouraging a range of questions which helped them to think around the subject and discover what life was like for Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole, as well as thinking about what these two women did for modern day hospitals and nursing. We would highly recommend the use of these boxes to other school and appreciate having such a great service locally” – Joe Easeman of East Sheen School

“Thank you so much for the Discovery Box. The children found it fascinating! Couldn’t ask for a better service – I’m so glad I discovered you! As history leader at school I will be sharing your facility with the rest of our staff in case they want to use you” – Emily Dodd of Edward Betham School, Ealing

Teachers collect and return the Discovery Boxes to the Museum usually on Saturdays, but other arrangements can be made with our Learning Officer. Please note, there are extra charges if objects are returned damaged or lost.

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Roman Discovery BoxRomans
Objects include: Square Glass Bottle, Chatelaine/ Health and Beauty Set, Strigil, Wax Writing Tablet and Stylus, Oil Lamp, Mortarium and Grinding Stone, Roman Spoon, 5 Knucklebones, Roof Tile, 3 Samian Ware Pot Sherds,  and Replica Roman Terracotta vase.

Click here to download the Roman Discovery Box Notes



Objects include: Brick from Richmond Palace, Horn comb, Bellarmine jug, Stump baby, Earthenware beaker, Hours candle, Tudor Oil Lamp, Metal and wood fork and spoon, Pomander, 5 brown feather quills, 4 white feather quills, Horn book, Thimble, Cap (coif), neckerchief (partlet) and apron, Horn Mug, Wooden Plate (Trencher), Pewter Wine Goblet and 8 Tudor Coins.

Click here to download the Tudors Discovery Box Notes


DSC01453Victorian and Edwardian Homes
Objects include: 2 Button Hooks, Tea Strainer, copy of Mrs Beeton’s All About Cookery, Mincer, Jelly Mould, Candle Holder, Curling Iron, Hot Water Bottles, Darning Mushroom, Weighing Scales, Fruit Press, Chamber Pot, Nutcrackers and a Flat Iron.

Click here to download the Victorian and Edwardian Homes Discovery Box Notes



DSC01584Victorian Children
Objects include: Attendance Medal, 3 Sailor Collars , 3 Pinafores, Slate Pencils and Chalks, 5 Slates, 5 Ink Pens, 10 Copybooks, Book: Children’s Singing Games, 1894, Diablo, Laminated Scrap Book, 2 wooden spinning tops, Kaleidoscope, Skipping Rope, China Tea Set, Replica Porcelain Doll, Cup and Ball, Wooden Acrobat Toy, Glass Marbles, 2 Victorian Pennies and Victorian Gold Sovereign (replica).

Click here to download the Victorian Children Discovery Box Notes


DSC01659Victorian Medicine: Case Study of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole
Objects include: 10 Herbal Remedy Jars, Pestle and Mortar, Gauze Bandages, Carbolic Soap, Nursing Teapot, Invalid Food: Beef Extract and Oxo, Small Smelling Salts Phial, Medicine Phial, 4 Basins, 1 Spoon, Victorian Hot Water Bottle, Replica Candle Lantern, Nurse’s Bonnet, and 2 Nurse’s Aprons, Pin Bib, Tie Waist.
Teachers notes include case studies on Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and background information on Victorian medicine, illnesses and the Crimean War.

Click here to download the Victorian Medicine Discovery Box Notes


DSC01413World War One
Object include: Newspaper of the day War declared, Silk Postcard (original), Wash Bag, Hypno Helmet, Trench Cap, East Surrey Regiment Cap Badge (original), On War Service Badge (original), Volunteer War Worker Badge, 303 Cartridge (original) , Dog Tags, Shrapnel – 3 lead balls (original), Foot Salve, Princess Mary Christmas Tin, Infantry Scout Badge, Gas Goggles, Victoria Cross, Teachers Notes and Exhibition Resource Booklet.

Click here to download the World War One Discovery Box Notes 


VealeWorld War One – 1916 Case Studies
Contains profiles of six Richmond residents, with a mix of original and replica objects and documents to further support hand on learning and to help pupils engage with the real people behind the stories.

Click here to download the World War One – 1916 Case Studies Discovery Box Notes


DSC01477World War Two: The Home Front, 1939-45
Objects include: Utility Stockings, Jumblex War Time Game, Gas Rattle, WVS Badge, Warden’s Whistle, 4 Pieces of Shrapnel, Tin of Dried Egg, 2 Air Raid Patrol Volunteer Arm Bands, Air Raid Patrol Black Out Lamp, Incendiary Bomb and Fin, Farthing, Half Penny, Penny, Weekly Rations Replicas, Evacuation Card Game, Identity Card, Ration Book, Clothes Ration Book, Knitted Child’s Vest, Was Your House Hit? Booklet and Roll of Honour Booklet.

Click here to download the World War Two Home Front Discovery Box Notes



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