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Please note: we often have learning workshops booked which start before the Museum opens to the public, which means the exhibition area will not be accessible until 12noon

Old Palace Lane

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Detail from Moses Glover’s Map of Isleworth Hundred 1635.

6th May – 16th Sept 2017

The subject of this exhibition is arguably the most historic street in Richmond; Old Palace Lane. Its varied history can almost be viewed as a history of Richmond in microcosm. Its story goes back to the medieval period, when a crane wharf was first installed where the lane meets the Thames. Since then, many different developments have occurred on the lane in terms of its industry, infrastructure and social changes.


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Detail from the Museum’s plan of the Richmond Workhouse.

23rd Sept 2017 – 22nd April 2018

The exhibition will look at Richmond during the period 1600-1948, from the point of view of the poorer classes. This will include the history of Richmond’s Workhouse, Almshouses and the effects of the Poor Laws. As well as telling the story of an often overlooked class of people, the exhibition will look at individual people and their experiences of poverty.


This exhibition will be be based upon a new publication from Richmond Local History Society and has kindly been funded by the Richmond Parish Lands Charity, the Richmond Charities and the Barnes Workhouse Fund.








In 2018, we are planning an exciting Exhibition on Archaeology found in the area. We are currently looking at funding and sponsorship for this exhibition, so please get in touch if you would be interested in supporting us!


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Please note: we often have learning workshops which start before the Museum opens to the public, which means the exhibition area will not be accessible until 12noon

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