Museum of Richmond

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Please note: we often have learning workshops booked which start before the Museum opens to the public, which means the exhibition area will not be accessible until 12noon

Access to the Museum of Richmond on the second floor of the Old Town Hall.

The Museum of Richmond is accessible to all visitors. For more information on access to the building for visitors with disabilities please see below. You can also download a PDF Access Statement by clicking here.


We welcome visitors with disabilities; we also welcome assistance dogs. We are committed to developing and promoting inclusive access to the museum. We suggest that you telephone before a visit for specific access information which you may require.


Main entrance is in Whittaker Avenue, a cul-de-sac with a cobbled surface which has double yellow lines. There are a few ticketed parking bays adjacent to the building. Please contact the museum for information on other car parks.

Wheelchair entrance For Blue Badge holders, Richmond operates the national scheme. There are double yellow lines outside the disabled entrance, which is at the riverside end of Whittaker Avenue. The entrance door is open. Inside turn left, the door to a wheelchair lift to ground floor level is ahead, on your left, is a low level assistance bell.


Wheelchair access
Whenever possible, please telephone in advance. Use the disabled entrance described above. Richmond Tourist Information Centre (ground floor at the riverside end of the building) provides assistance and responds to the assistance bell. Access to the museum (2nd floor) is by lift from the main hall. The museum is on one level, there are no steps or ramps.

Main entrance There are 7 stone steps, with a central hand rail and one each side, to the tiled entrance lobby leading to a wide tiled hall. The museum is on the 2nd floor.

Inside the hall
Lift: Ahead, 5 metres across the tiled hall, to the right of the main staircase, there is a lift. A carpeted passage slopes down to the lift. The lift buttons are on your right, accessible from a wheelchair. At the 2nd floor, the lift door will open to your right. Turn right on a carpeted floor (there is a free standing case in the centre of the space) and the main museum doors are open 5 metres ahead.

Stairs: Straight across the tiled floor the front hall (3m) to flight of 11 wide marble stairs, use the handrail on the right side. Turn right to climb 3 more steps, the handrail is now on your left, turn right again and climb a further 8 steps. You are now on the first floor. Turn left at the top, continue on a carpeted floor past a passage on your left (which leads to the lift) and push open the next door on your left. Inside, on your right, there is an uncarpeted fire protected staircase (leading down) followed by a carpeted staircase going up. Climb 11 steps, turn 180 at the half landing and climb a further 13 steps. Turn left, push open the door in front of you, turn immediately right, then left to enter the open double doors to the museum. Museum entrance Assistance is available from the member of museum staff at the entrance desk ahead, just inside the museum.


First floor: Wheelchair accessible WC


There are seats in the centre of each of the main areas. Chairs are readily available on request.

Visitors with Visual impairments
We are continuing to develop sensory information. Museum tours for partially-sighted visitors are available upon request. Assistance dogs are welcome, as long as they wear a harness during their visit.

Visitors with Hearing impairment
A sympathetic hearing scheme is practiced. A lip reading tour can be made by appointment with the museum staff.

Sensory Information
Staff will describe contents and indicate those to touch. The main exhibition areas are supported by boxed handling collections. Please telephone to book interpretation assistance and the touch collections.


Volunteers of all ages support the work of the museum. We enjoy the practical support of people with disabilities and are keen to welcome other offers of help.

There is a small museum shop adjacent to the entrance desk.

There is no provision within the Old Town Hall, but the building is surrounded by cafes, bars and restaurants. There is sloped access to the several riverside refreshment outlets.